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Since 2002
Surfing in San Diego
Since 1963
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We used to make a surf video of every surf camp. Here is an old one but a good one!
Leucadia Surf School
rated "excellent" by travelers
Customer Reviews
--"The ultimate California experience, and no trip to this coast is complete without it."
--"They gave me the funnest day of my life."
--"...keep showing the kids all that you know about a fun crazy sport. They will remember that for their whole life."

At Moonlight Beach in Encinitas,
North San Diego, California

Adult Surf Lessons - Kid Surf Lessons
7 Days a Week
All equipment included.
We have surfing lessons now in spring.
Warm wetsuits included, surf now before the summer crowds.
2 hr Beginner Group Surf Lessons - $70
(1 hour, 15 minutes water time - lesson usually goes over up to 2 hours, 30 minutes)
Encinitas group surf lessonsEncinitas group surf lessonSan Diego surf lessonsSan Diego surf lessonsSan Diego surf lessons

Fast results - Experienced Instructors
High quality softboard and wetsuit included.
Surf on your first time out.

Small groups -- often just your own group.
Sign up as 1 person.
We form the groups.**
2 people make a group,
like a private lesson for a group rate.
**If you sign up as 1 person for a group, and we don't have a group, you can opt to do a 1 hour water time private for $90 - includes all equipment and expert beach lesson. Total lesson time is an hour and a half to two hours.

1.5 hour Private Surf Lessons - $100

(1 hour water time - lesson usually goes over to 2 hours)
Encinitas private surf lessonsSan Diego private surf lessonsSan Diego surf lessons
2 hr Private Surf Lessons - $135
(1 hour, 15 minutes water time - lesson usually goes over up to 2 hours, 30 minutes)
San Diego surf lessonsEncinitas surf lessons
All winter lessons are with owner and San Diego native Gerry Kantor, 15 years surf instructor experience, 50 years surfing experience. See him in the 1960's surfing in San Diego.

Easy Sign Up Here
Send us the short form above, and we will email you a confirmation, then we will see you at the beach for your surf lesson!

Highest Safety Standards
surf lessons safety
Most of our instructors are American Red Cross Lifeguard Certified. The rest are EMT's and CPR certified. We now have a lifeguard tower at our location on north Moonlight beach, out of the crowd. We are always proactive on safety, in the water with you, and won't let you get into trouble regardless, so don't worry!
High Quality Softboards

top quality softboards

We have a large selection of various shapes. We like to custom fit just the right softboard to you, so that you will get the board that will be the easiest for you to ride.
What's the difference between our surf school and the others?......
We know what we are doing!
See owner/director Gerry "El Matador" Kantor in the video at the left, surfing since the 60's. While the other surf schools have a lot of other activities besides surfing, surfing is all we do, and all you will be doing, too. No unsafe hard boards to injure you like some other schools, plenty of top notch instructors, and the top softboards, every board custom fitted to you to make your first surfing experience an easy one. And we don't tell lies on our website, or give you slick sales content and photos like the other schools, to reel you in like a sucker fish. We don't keep smiling at you falsely and patronize you at your surf lesson, we are seriously going to get you a lot of successful rides, and get you surfing on your own. You are not going to "learn to surf", you are going to actually surf, even if you have never tried it before. We are the only school that has an uncrowded area to surf at Moonlight beach. We will get you catching waves and riding them on the first day, so you don't need any more lessons, just a board and a wave, and you will be on your way. If you are heading back out of town, at least you will have actually ridden some waves and gone surfing while you were here.
Instructor tipping is opitional but very much appreciated by our wonderful hard working instructors. 
CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM YELP: "Absolutely the best surf camp on Moonlight Beach", my son did four days and had a ball, lots of instructors, lots of help it's all about surf, they get them up on the board so fast. There were other schools on the beach and leucadia surf school stood out so much as by far the best camp. Would recommend it to all my friends. Was totall impressed from start to finish.
CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM TRIP ADVISOR: “Best Surf School in North County” Took my 3 boys (16, 13, 10) for a surf lesson at Moonlight Beach while we were in town on vacation. I trusted the Trip advisor reviews and it did not disappoint. Gerry showed up promptly at our reserved time and had all the gear ready to go. After a quick board sizing at the van, we were ready to hit the beach. Gerry spent 15-20 minutes going over some safety instruction and what to look for while we were in the water. He's got great local knowledge of the surf break and really has a great vibe about him. He installs confidence in beginner surfers, My boys got up immediately. The boards Gerry brought were soft-tops and in great shape. He had different sizes for all 3 boys. It made a big difference once we got in the water. I didn't do as well as my boys, but still rode probably 12-15 waves before it was all over. I've tried surf schools in Mexico and SoCal. This was our best experience to date. Gerry made a big difference along with the right boards and the right waves. I would not hesitate to recommend this surf school. Two thumbs up.

CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM TRIP ADVISOR: My wife and I took a lesson with Gerry on 11/11/2014 and learned a ton from him. We had taken lessons before, but Gerry helped us to read waves and breaks, and gave us the confidence to just get out there and apply what we learned. It went well because we went out two days later with great success. A great experience and a great instructor.

CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM TRIP ADVISOR: The best thing I did in California -- I took a group surfing lesson on the 21st of December 2014, and it was a great decision. I was in a group with three others who had never surfed before either, and our instructor Gerry and his assistant instructor Logan gave us all the attention and help that we needed. Even though the waves were very big and powerful that day, Gerry and Logan helped us individually and were very supportive. It was over all just a lot of fun, Gerry is such a cool and funny guy, and I definitely feel like I want to surf again after this great experience!  
What people are saying about us:
surf lessons PLEASE NOTE:
surf lessons
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5 bucks!

Surfer Trucker Hat
Encinitas surf lessons on TV San Diego surf lessons on TV
San Diego surf camp on TV.
Irish tv show films our surf lessons last summer.
(They said they chose us because they were looking for authentic California Surfers!)
San Diego Surfing Lessons San Diego Encinitas Surfing Lessons "Good equipment, good instructors, and good surf" is our motto. San Diego Surf Lessons
Encinitas, San Diego Surf Lessons
at Moonlight Beach.
Moonlight Beach has some of the best beginner waves in San Diego.
Easy to find, plenty of free parking: North or South on the 405 Freeway, take the Encinitas Blvd exit and go West toward the ocean about 4 blocks to the very end of the street at the beach.(click here for google map)
Encinitas surf camps at Moonlight Beach Encinitas Surf Lessons at Moonlight Beach
Brand new clean bathrooms and facilities at Moonlight Beach.
Amenities: BRAND NEW CLEAN Bathrooms, Showers, Snackbar, Fire Pits, Lifeguards, plenty of free parking, and one of the best beginner waves in San Diego.
Walking distance (6 blocks) to historic downtown Encinitas for restaurants and shops.
Big group surf lesson and camp

Big group surf lesson and camp

Heading into the water Surf lesson before the go out. Big group surf lesson and camp
ABOVE: Graduating 8th grade class from the Bay Area. Their last test? They had to surf. Everyone passed.


All ages can sign up for surfing camps, adults, teens and children, from 7 to 55 years of age. Children under the age of 8 will require a parent or guardian present on the beach.
Bring a snack and bottled water, or something else to drink. Also a hat, sunscreen, towel to sit on, t-shirt, sunglasses.
$30 charge for same day cancellation!!!
Special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.
No charge for 24 hour in advance cancellations.
Military Discount
10$ OFF

Girl Scouts Surfing Lesson
Carmel Valley
Del Mar
Girl Scouts

We are insured
for Girl Scouts
San Diego
Imperial county.
Girl Scouts Surfing Lesson Gift Certificates Surf School T-shirts
click for Surf Camp Videos
Leucadia Surf School in the News
These news stories are from around 2009, but is shows you how long we have been doing this!
read the Canadian Press article about our SURF LESSONS
Surfing Lesson Video Surfing Lesson video Surf  Camp Lesson

San Diego Surfing Lessonsabout our surfing lessons

Our surf lessons are designed to teach you not only how to surf, but how to learn to surf on your own without taking further surf lessons.
While surfing is one of the most difficult sports to master, with the assistance of our expertise after a lifetime of surfing, we can get you up and riding so that you can actually surf on your first time out. In an hour we'll have you doing what it takes others weeks to accomplish.
If you are just visiting the San Diego area, don't live near the surf and don't plan to continue surfing, you can come out and surf with us purely for the physical benefits which surfing provides.
Getting out into the clean water of a beautiful beach and riding the waves is not only an excellent workout, it is also refreshing, rejuvenating, and a great stress reliever which will leave you pleasantly exhausted with a healthy appetite and maybe even the desire to go out and try it again.
From the perspective of your office or workplace, you may not think that you would be able to surf, but with our help, we guarantee that within 1/2 hour of hitting the surf we'll have you standing up and riding the whitewater to the beach with a big smile on your face.
There's not a lot to know in surfing (it's not rocket science), but the more waves you successfully ride, the more you will "know." After surfing since the early 1960's, this is one truth we do know about surfing.
All of our surf instructors are intelligent, experienced surfers who have surfed more than half their lives, and are college students or graduates. They have all been thoroughly trained and given specific written guidelines. Our surf instructors insure not only your safety in the water, but also your ultimate success.

San Diego Surfing LessonsWhy San Diego surfing lessons?

San Diego has always had more surfable coastline and more surf spots than any other part of the California coast, but this has only been recognized in the last ten years! Now you can get some of this surf yourself!
With our instructors in the surf with you, we will have you standing up and riding waves within the first 1/2 hour of hitting the surf!
If you go to the mountains, maybe you'll go horseback riding. But if you come to San Diego, you can go surfing with no previous experience whatsoever with our assistance.

Why, you ask? Because we pride ourselves on getting everyone up and riding on their first time out, and usually within the first few waves. This past summer of 2015, we had our usual 99.999% success rate. But don't listen to us, visit our our photo gallery and/or take a look at our surf camp videos for all the hard facts.

Learning to surf is all about riding more waves. It's a simple fact which is often overlooked. So after we get you riding, we get you plenty of waves so that your first surf session will be a good one.
--"The ultimate California experience, and no trip to this coast is complete without it."
--"This is the real deal from a seasoned local who has the appropriate knowledge and experience regarding surfing and it's culture. The program was worth every penny."
--"...keep showing the kids all that you know about a fun crazy sport. They will remember that for their whole life."
Go to testimonials page.
Want to learn how to surf, but don't want surf lessons? Go to "How to Surf - Learn to Surf on Your Own," a free service provided by Leucadia Surf School.
Ninos de la Promesa We donate our old wetsuits and surfboards to Ninos de la Promesa, an orphanage in Tijuana, Baja California that takes the kids surfing.
HEY SURF SCHOOLS, if you would like to donate your old equipment to the orphan kids of Tijuana, call us and we will put you in touch with them.
Let the kids in TJ surf their local surf spots.
about us
Gerry Kantor surfing the South Mission jetties in San Diego, California, back in 1963!  Click for more 1960's surfnig photos.

Leucadia Surf School owner/ head instructor, Gerry Kantor, bodysurfed as a kid in the 1950's, and started surfing in the early 1960's. He wrote for Surfer Magazine (the Bible of the sport) in the 1980's and is a graduate of the University of California at San Diego. Gerry Kantor 1963 surf video.

San Diego, California Surfing Lessons, Surf Camps
ABOVE: The Founder of Leucadia Surf School in 1963 surfing at the South Mission Beach jetty, San Diego, California. MORE 1960's San Diego Surfing.

Our surfing lessons and surf camps are near San Diego, La Jolla, Torrey Pines, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff by the Sea, Carlsbad, Oceanside, North County.
760-635-SURF • Surf@LeucadiaSurfSchool.com
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