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Leucadia, Grandview Beach Leucadia, Grandview Beach Leucadia, Grandview Beach
ABOVE: Grandview beach in Leucadia, looking North & South
Leucadia is a small beach town known for its clean, beautiful beaches, plentiful waves and year-around surfing capabilities. If you're coming from L.A., the place feels like Mexico. If you're coming from San Francisco, the water feels warm in comparison, and although it does get down to the high 50's in January-February, never gets too cold to surf.
There are numerous surf shops, cafes, taco stands, and restaurants all along Highway 101, which runs right along the coast. There are also numerous hotels along the highway, and others more luxurious just a little further away from the coast. There is the world famous La Costa Resort nearby, as well as the Aviara Resort. Leucadia is a great little beach town perfect to unwind, relax and surf, a good escape from L.A., San Francisco, or any city.
Leucadia Surf School will have you standing up and riding on the surf of the blue Pacific on some of the most beautiful beaches in California. Leucadia, in north San Diego county. It's only a two hour drive south from Los Angeles (1 hr 45 minutes from L.A.X.), and an hour north of the Mexican Border. You are in the heart of surf country in Leucadia, known as the "surf center and flower capital". It is a low-stress environment only recently discovered. If you think that riding the waves is something that you want to do, but don't want lessons, you can always go to our How to Surf, which gives you the basics of our beach instruction.
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