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what's in a surfing lesson?

A kid rides during a surfing lesson with the help of a surf instructor in  background.
First of all, by the end of the lesson, we try to make everyone's last wave in a stand-up ride to the beach. We do this because it's old California practice among the rank-and-file California Surfers, to make the last wave in a good one. It's a good practice, it gives you a good sense of accomplishment and keeps your mood elevated for the rest of the day.
1 We give you 30 minutes instruction on the beach, just so that we can get you up and riding fairly fast, the sooner the better, because you're the one who wants to surf. We try to get it done on the beach, because it is harder and will take longer in the water. We also go over some basics of water safety, like what not to do to keep from getting smacked in the face by your own board, or someone else's board.
Surfing Lessons Surfing Lessons Surfing Lessons Surfing Lessons
Then we go out into the water with you, show you how to get through waves with your board, then push you into waves, catch your waves for you, so that you can start standing up and riding right away. After half an hour, most students are standing up and riding white water to the beach with big smiles on their faces. After you can stand up, we show you how to catch your own waves. Christen from Canada rides on  her first wave after a little beach instruction.HERE A GIRL FROM CANADA STANDS UP AND RIDES ON HER FIRST WAVE.
3 For the second hour, everyone surfs a lot of waves. Hopefully, by this time, everyone is catching waves and riding them. The biggest problem for the beginner at this stage, is knowing which waves are going to be good for them. That's why instructors stay in the water to help you pick the right waves, and try to show you a little about wave judgment. For any students who are not at this stage, we continue working with them until we get them as close to catching waves and riding them as possible.
4 Toward the end of the lesson, we make sure everyone is catching waves, standing up and riding, so that you can do your homework for surf class, and that is go surfing on your own.
Go to our site www.HowToSurf.net for the basics of our beach instruction.
Riding a surfboard for the first time is like riding a bike for the first time. Once you get the feel of it, it's easy to get back to that feeling. By showing you how to position your feet on the board and getting you into the right waves, we get you up and riding so you can get the feel of riding the board. This can takes weeks on your own, but with our help, we'll get you there in half an hour. And just like riding a bike, once you know how to ride, you never forget.
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