from Surfline : Six tips for safe surfing during the coronavirus.


Shred Safely

Six tips for safe surfing during the coronavirus.

COVID-19 has spun the world upside down and we are navigating a new reality full of uncertainty.

As the situation continues to evolve, there are two things we know: 1) Nobody wants to end up in the hospital or be an unwitting link in the chain of transmission — for most people that means following local guidelines to shelter in place; 2) If we have the opportunity to score a few waves where surfing’s allowed, we want to be as safe as possible.

For those who’re gonna surf, we’ve put together six suggestions to Shred Safely.

We believe these tips will help keep spots open, allow us reopen breaks that are currently closed, enable first responders to stay focused on the job at hand — and make surfing as healthy and safe for everyone as possible.

Stay Local
Shelter-In-Place orders are everywhere. Which means while exercise is highly recommended and perfectly legal around your home, traveling to exercise is not.

Go Solo
The ultimate surfing fantasy, there’s never been a better time to make it a reality.

Surf Bad Waves
Because the best way to practice social distancing in the water is to find the worst, weirdest, wonkiest wave and froth out all by yourself.

Get In, Get Out
Pretend the sand is 110 degrees — sprint to the water; surf; sprint back.

Lengthen the Lineup
If someone comes within ten feet — hasslers, back-paddlers, or just a clueless John Doe — paddle away. They’re not worth it. A bruised ego is better than COVID-19.

Know Your Limits
Now is not the time to push personal boundaries. If in doubt, don’t go out. And if you’re sick or not feeling well, go home.

And if the spots in your area are closed, and you’re relegated to Shred At Home, our hearts are with you. But remember: This is temporary. The surf’s not going anywhere. Waves have been breaking on this planet long before humans got here, and they will be breaking long after we’re gone.

Certainly, long after COVID-19 is gone.