Credit Card Payment

We use PayPal for your security.  You can use your credit card without being a member of PayPal.  Look for the link which reads, “pay with debit or credit card” at the bottom of the PayPal page.

When you make a payment, you will receive an email reciept.  Please forward this receipt to with the name of the student and date of the lesson, so we can more easily track your payment, thank you.


Group Surfing Lesson – $75/person

Group surfing lessons

Group Surfing Lesson

2 hour lesson with others. During the winter probably just your own group. 2 people make a group! Plenty of attention, plenty of water time, very effective. $75 + $2.48 paypal fee = 77.48


Private Surfing Lesson – $140/person

Private Surfing Lesson

One on One with your own instructor. During the winter, instructor is owner, Gerry Kantor, so you for sure get a good lesson! Beginner or Intermediate lesson. 2 hours. 1 hour 15 minutes water time. $140 + $4.05 paypal fee = 144.05


Private Intermediate Surfing Lesson – $120/hr water-time

Intermediate Paddle Out Lesson

You can surf in the whitewater, always stand up, and are having trouble catching and riding waves on the outside. Gerry will paddle out with you and give you some solid coaching to get you catching more waves and making some basic turns. 1 hour water time sessions. You have your own equipment. We also give you tips on what would be an easier riding board for you. $120 + $4.02 paypal fee = $124.00



5 Day Surf Camp

Five days of surf camp, Monday-Friday, 10am-1pm $300 + $9.06 Paypal fee = $309.00


4 Day Surf Camp

4 Days of Surf Camp, any 4 days in a given week. $250 + $8.00 Paypal fee = $258


1 Day of Surf Camp

1 day of surf camp. $80 + $3.00 Paypal fee = $83