Surf Camp
in Encinitas
at Moonlight Beach

Serving  San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Leucadia, Carlsbad and Oceanside

Surf camps 2020 – starting June

(But we have surf lessons all winter.)

Daily surf camp (10am-1:00pm) Monday to Friday
and surf lessons, all summer.

Ages: 11-17 only
15 people maximum in camp.
5 instructors
(3-1 student-instructor ratio)

We only go one time a day, and we make it good.

Smaller surf camps with a lot of good instructors.

This camp is all surfing — no beach games.

5 day – $350
4 day – $300
1 day – $80

Sign up here

No payment until 2 weeks before camp.  $50 non-refundable deposit.

“We know what you want in a surf camp or lesson.  It’s the same thing we want when we go surfing, and that is a lot of good rides.”

Ages 18 – 60
$80/per day.  You can go as many days as you want. 

Monday June 22 – Friday August 14
Monday-Friday, 10am-1pm
all summer

 Kids &  Teens Surf Camp
Softboard and Wetsuit Included
Beginner Surf Camps

All Surfing
We have two surf sessions with a break.

Students will learn how to catch and ride both inside white water waves, and outside unbroken waves, and do it safely.  Students have the choice to surf on the inside or outside, whatever their comfort level.  We supply an easy-to-ride softboard and wetsuit, and take you into the easiest waves for you to surf.  Plenty of instructors so you get plenty of help, and most importantly, plenty of good rides!

No beach games.
We surf a lot at our camp to improve your surfing.
Surf if you have never surfed before.

Students will learn:

* Catching and riding whitewater waves
* Catching and riding outside unbroken waves
* Surf Etiquette
* Surf safety, how to prevent getting hurt
* What kind of surfboard to ride
* What kind of wetsuit
* Techniques for paddling out through the surf
* Wave judgement
* Swell Direction and Tides

Our goal is that you are able to surf on your own.  You don’t need lessons until you are surfing like Kelly Slater, you only need lessons until you are  able to catch and ride the easiest of waves straight in, Waikiki in the 1950s style. Then you are on your way to improving your skills, and its all fun along the way.

You will be surfing on the first time out, and getting “surfed out” every day.   Plenty of top notch instructors, great equipment, and fast results.  Specializing in beginners, even if you have never surfed before, don’t worry!  We will have you surfing in no time.

No deposit – Easy cancellation policy

Quick Results – Surf Right Away

We understand that many of you are only in San Diego for a short time, and have to get some surf while you are here! This is our specialty, getting you up and riding in easy waves on easy boards right away, even if you have never surfed before.

High Quality Softboards & Wetsuits Included

We have a large selection of various surfboard shapes, so that we can custom fit just the right softboard for you.  You will get the board that will be the easiest for you to ride.  We also have thick 4/3 wetsuits, which are surprisingly warm in winter.   A softboard and wetsuit are included with your lesson.

Safety Certified

We are proactive on safety, and won’t let you get into trouble. We use only softboards, and all our energetic, experienced and professional instructors are EMT, Lifeguard, or CPR certified.

What to expect at surf camp

In the surf camps, we get you standing up in the whitewater, then take you to the unbroken waves on the outside, when the conditions are easy. You always have a choice to be inside in the whitewater, or “outside” on the unbroken waves, whatever your comfort level, with plenty of instructors everywhere.

If you are “intermediate”, good in the whitewater, standing up every time, we can help you to surf the “outside” unbroken waves, conditions permitting.

We go north on Moonlight Beach, the main beach in Encinitas, to the last uncrowded beach in Southern California. There are restrooms, a snack bar, and a lifeguard tower at Moonlight Beach.

Parents and other friends and family members are always welcome on the beach at surf camp.

 2-1 to 4-1 student to instructor ratio.
Plenty of instructors with you at all times.
Pizza Party on Friday!

CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM YELP: Absolutely the best surf camp on moonlight beach, my son did four days and had a ball, lots of instructors, lots of help it’s all about surf, they get them up on the board so fast. There were other schools on the beach and Leucadia Surf School stood out so much as by far the best camp. Would recommend it to all my friends. Was totally impressed from start to finish.

CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM YELP: My husband and I signed our Grandson up for one lesson last week. He was in town for six days and we really wanted him to spend time in the water. We opted for one day of surf lessons not knowing if he would like it. Gerry had him standing on his board by the end of the first lesson. We ended up cancelling everything else we had planned and just let him go to Gerry’s surf school and catch waves. He had so much fun! The instructors were wonderful and very encouraging and we did not have to worry about wetsuits or boards. We did stay to watch the class and always felt that our child was safe. We love the way the school is run and how the lessons are set up. The students participate from the very beginning and they sure respect each other in the water. I would recommend this school for anyone. Thank you all so much for providing such a wonderful experience for a young boy. Oh, and the waves were all “10 footers” when he talked to his parents.

San Diego, Encinitas, Leucadia Surf Camps & Surfing Lessons
Moonlight Beach in North San Diego, California

Serving  San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Leucadia, Carlsbad and Oceanside

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