Encinitas Surf Lessons
Moonlight Beach

Surf lessons for San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside 

Adults & Kids
Softboard included
2 hour beginner lessons
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***SURF SPECIAL this weekAdult or Kid group surf lessons – $10 off, $80/person –  sign up here – write “$80 discount” in comments box on the sign up form to get the discount ***

Group Surf Lesson – $90/person

You can sign up as one person and we will form the groups.  Basically a semi private at a group lesson rate, and with highly experienced surf instructor.  Only takes 2 to make a group.

Softboard Included Free / Wetsuit rental $15

Private surfing lessons – $140

1 on 1 with highly experienced instructor

Private surfing lesson for 2 – $240

Just your 2 with instructor

Intermediate private paddle out lesson – $140

You already can ride whitewater, no problem.  You have your own equipment.  You have made the transition to the  outside waves, but need coaching in catching more waves and making first turns.   Starts with a general consultation and equipment assessment.

760-635-SURF (7873)

You can sign up as one person for a group lesson, and join one other person to form a group.  Group surf lessons are VERY EFFECTIVE and you always get plenty of attention.  2-1 to 4-1 student to instructor ratio.  All lessons include a very thorough beach lesson covering safety and how to get up on the board and ride.    Be sure to check all the smiles on our students in our Instagram feed below.
This is the only surf lesson you will ever need to start surfing
In our group and private surf lessons, we try to get you to the point of catching whitewater and standing up.  We instruct you in what kind of board you need, and what type of wave, a basic orientation to your new sport.  Once you are catching waves and riding in the whitewater, then all you have to do is keep doing that and your surfing will progress.  No need for further lessons.  We try to get the job done in one lesson.
Quick Results – Surf Right Away
We understand that many of you are only in town for a short time, and have to get some surf while you are here! This is our specialty, getting you up and riding in easy waves on easy boards right away, even if you have never surfed before.
High Quality Softboards
We like to custom fit just the right softboard for you, so that you will get the board that will be the easiest for you to ride.
Safety Certified
We are proactived on safety, and won’t let you get into trouble. We use only softboards, and all our instructors are EMT, Lifeguard, or CPR certified.

CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM YELP:  We are back at our hotel now, after having several hours to process our time with Leucadia Surf School earlier today in Encinitas. It’s going to be hard for me to adequately articulate how incredible our experience was but I will give it a shot. If I could have written the script for how I hoped today would go with my family I would have fallen short. I wanted to learn how to surf and love surfing. More importantly I wanted my family to do the same. We had some apprehensions and perhaps a little fear going into our three hour group lesson. When we met Gerry at the beach we all felt a sense of comfort and relief. Gerry is the real deal. Old school. Exactly what we wanted. He wanted exactly what we wanted. And that is for us to learn how to surf and love surfing. He delivered in a big way!!! He started by calming our apprehensions and getting us more than excited about getting in the water. He taught us great things about finding good waves, taught us how to be safe, and we all hopped into the water. Within 10 minutes we were all surfing, riding the waves to the shore! It was awesome!! Gerry was in the water right in the middle of all of us making sure we got exactly what we needed. “Do we have to stop” was one comment I heard when it was time to leave. Mission accomplished. Gerry is the best and I so highly recommend him! You will learn how to surf and you will love surfing if you connect with Gerry and Leucadia Surf School.

Evolution of the surfer

Surf lessons for San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside