I just spent the last week at a Leucadia Surf School surf camp, and I absolutely loved it (so much so that I’m writing my second ever yelp review). Let’s get a little background here. I’m a big guy at 6’2″ 230lbs. With in the first day, using Gerry’s method I was standing in inside. Within three I was riding waves on the outside (though few and far between). I was really impressed with the way Gerry runs his school. You can tell that he genuinely wants everyone to have fun, and fall in love with surfing. Mission accomplished Gerry. The staff that he hires are all professional, and eager to give helpful tips that help you better understand the sport. All in all, if you’re big or small, attend a Leucadia Surf School surf camp, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be a self sufficient surfer within a week. Ride safe.

Dave F., Encinitas, California