Reviewed April 29, 2018 on Trip Advisor

What a Blast!

When I was looking for some surf instruction for my two kids ages 19 and 20, I came upon Leucadia Surf School. The fantastic reviews made it an easy choice. Gerry was very easy to work with. We had a two hour private lesson. He spent a good half hour on the beach covering all the important safety items and ‘how to’s’ and then spent the rest of the time with them in the water coaching. He was encouraging and fun. He taught them what type of board to use and what to look for when they come back on their own. We all walked away with big smiles and really great memories of our time with Gerry at Moonlight beach. One tip if you do choose to take a private lesson is allow for extra time. Gerry wanted to make sure that kids got plenty of time in the water.

Sof Lamon, Miami Florida