Great way to learn to surf

Gerry and his team kept their promise of getting everyone standing up on their boards on the first day. Motivated by their success, the kids (11, 12 & 15) were eager to keep surfing for the five-day surf camp. He has a low instructor-student ratio, so it seemed as though there was always someone to help the kids catch a wave. His young instructors kept it fun for the kids.

My husband & I also gave it a go and were surprised to find that we too were able to get up on the board (more than once!) during our first morning out there. Gerry took the time to explain some options for me, so that even with a bad knee, I could stand up. He also makes sure to choose a board that suits each participant’s size and ability, and gave us the attention we needed in the water.

Gerry’s open and easy-going manner put everyone at ease and ensured we all had a great time. The only downside would possibly be the range of ability among his instructors: some were fantastic, making sure to give you the pointers you needed to get up and giving you a push of the right strength at just the right time. A couple were less in tune with their students’ needs. Having said that, most of the instructors were great and the kids quickly learned who to avoid.

NMSwiss Zug, Switzerland