Surf Lessons in Encinitas, north San Diego since 2002

We have been giving surf lessons for 17 years and are one of the first
surf schools in San Diego.  We were originally at Grandview beach in Leucadia, where we had been living and surfing for a decade, then we moved to Moonlight Beach for the past 10 years.  The owner/head instructor has been surfing since the 1960’s, and has a long track record of success with getting people surfing. (Check our reviews.)  We have all permits and insurance.  All instructors are American Red Cross lifeguard or CPR certified.

Adults & Kids
Softboard and Wetsuit included

Surf Lessons time is usually at 11am, but varies according to conditions.

2 hour group surf lesson – $75

Very effective group lessons.  A private lesson is not necessarily better, as you do need time in the water on your own, without an instructor right with you all the time.  You need to figure out things for yourself, to use on your own what we have been teaching you.  Ultimately, you want to surf on your own, so this gets you there little by little.

You can sign up as 1 person, and we will put you into another group.  Only 2 people necessary for a group, like getting a private lesson for a group rate.

2 hour private lesson – $140

One on one with an instructor.

1 hour water time intermediate paddle out lesson – $120

Intermediate paddle out lesson is a private lesson, dependent on conditions, for those who are adept at standing up and riding whitewater, but can’t seem to catch waves and get an angle on the outside.  If you have your own surfboard, we will give you an assesment of it as how well it suits your surfing ability.   An easier riding or longer board may be the only thing you need to start catching and riding way more waves.

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Del Mar surf lessons

Inquire about Del Mar surf lessons.

This is the only surf lesson you will ever need to get started surfing.

In our group and private surf lessons, we try to get you to the point of catching whitewater and standing up.  We instruct you in what kind of board you need, and what type of wave, a basic orientation to your new sport.  Once you are catching waves and riding in the whitewater, then all you have to do is keep doing that and your surfing will progress.  No need for further lessons.  We try to get the job done in one lesson.

Quick Results – Surf Right Away

We understand that many of you are only in San Diego for a short time, and have to get some surf while you are here! This is our specialty, getting you up and riding in easy waves on easy boards right away, even if you have never surfed before.

High Quality Softboards & Warm Wetsuits Provided

We have a large selection of various surfboard shapes,  so that we can custom fit just the right soft surfboard for you.  You will get the board that will be the easiest for you to ride, and that you will have the most success on.  We also have thick 4/3 mm O’Neil wetsuits, which are surprisingly warm in winter.   A softboard and wetsuit are included with your lesson.

Safety Certified

We are proactive on safety, and won’t let you get into trouble. We use only softboards, and all our energetic, experienced and professional instructors are EMT, Lifeguard, or CPR certified.

“We know what you want in a surf lesson.  It’s the same thing we want when we go surfing, and that is a lot of good rides.”

“You know we are good because our competition copies us.” – our motto #1
“Good waves, good boards, good instructors.” –our motto #2


28709_Rec-On_logo_for_BrandFolder_Circle-TRANS-BK_EN#1 on Trip Advisor
Yelp looks good too!

Yelp: “Absolutely the best surf camp on Moonlight Beach”
Trip Advisor: “Best Surf School in North County”

Learn to Surf on your own

Our surf lessons are designed to teach you not only how to surf, but how to learn to surf on your own without taking further surf lessons.

Go surfing instead of going to the gym

If you are just visiting the San Diego area, don’t live near the surf and don’t plan to continue surfing, you can come out and surf with us purely for the physical benefits which surfing provides.

Stress Relief

Getting out into the clean water of a beautiful beach and riding the waves is not only an excellent workout, it is also refreshing, rejuvenating, and a great stress reliever which will leave you pleasantly exhausted with a healthy appetite and maybe even the desire to go out and try it again.

You can do it!

You may not think that you would be able to surf, but with our help, we guarantee that within 1/2 hour of hitting the surf we’ll have you standing up and riding the whitewater to the beach with a big smile on your face.

We are near San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside