Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can I sign up for a group lesson as just one person?

Yes, if you sign up as one person, we will put you with a group.

How many people needed for a group lesson?

Only 2 people. Like getting a private lesson for a group rate.

Do you have surf lessons in the winter?

Yes, we have surf lessons year around.

Is winter a good time for surf lessons?

Yes it is a good time. We have warm wetsuits for you to use free of charge. The water never gets too cold anyway. On a sunny day, the cooler water feels invigorating. There are also much less people doing surf lessons in the winter, so you are more apt to get only 2 people in your group. More like a private lesson for a group rate.

Do I need to have my own surfboard and wetsuit?

We supply your soft surfboard. If you have your own board, we will access it as to whether or not it is right for your size and surfing skill level.   WE DO NOT PROVIDE WETSUITS, due to covid.  You can rent a wetsuit at Hansens Surf Shop in Encinitas for a very reasonable price.

What kind of surfboard do you provide?

We have all softboards. We have a lot of different shapes and sizes, so that we can custom fit you with a softboard that will be easiest for you to ride.

Will I be standing up and surfing on my first lesson?

Yes! We get everyone standing up. Then if we can get them catching whitewater waves and standing up, then you are good to go on your own!

How many lessons do you recommend?

One lesson! We try to get the job done in one lesson. We try to have you catching and riding whitewater on your first lesson. Then you keep doing this basic beginner surfing for starters, and you will improve with experience. We will instruct you on what is the easiest waves for you, and what is the easiest board for you to ride.

How long have you been in business?
Since 2002! So….20 years!

How long has the owner surfed?

Since the 1960s! You get a good lesson here with the owner doing the lesson, or his personally trained and certified instructors doing the lesson. Go to Vintage Surf Movies to see all the home movies of the owner and his family and friends surfing during the early days of California surfing.

Old wetsuits
Gerry Kantor, his brother Phil, both in wetsuits, and some friends in 1965.
We can’t afford surf lessons. Can you just tell us how to do it?

Yes, we have a free site, in which we have a simple method to instruct you how to surf. Please go to our How to Surf page.